Why Bolivia?


We invite you to take a closer look at Bolivia, an outsourcing destination whose opportunities will surprise you. Over the last two decades Bolivia’s economy, infrastructure and telecommunications have grown considerably to a very stable position in the present day. You can find the country to be both economically advantageous and a growing pool of English and Spanish speaking professionals who can serve an ever-increasing bilingual market.


Contact Center Industry


The contact center industry has been growing strong for the past 10 years developing into a key industry in the country. Businesses who outsource to Bolivia tend to experience a cost savings of up to 80%. Free Zones have also been developed to benefit investors doing business in the country, resulting in more benefits.


Human Resources


The talent pool is rich and made up of a large base of college graduates with 60% of its population between the ages of 18 and 35. CVS location in the city of La Paz, and its relationships with the top Universities in the country make it a strategic outsourcing location in the country and Latin America. In addition to the universities we have relationships  with 11 of the best English Language institutions. A little known fact is that English as a second language is a requirement for high school graduation.




Our competitive advantages include the fact that our agents speak neutral Spanish and English. As it is, Bolivian Spanish is as "accentless" as it gets which, in turn, makes English pronunciation also very neutral and clear. Unlike the Spanish spoken in other countries, Bolivian Spanish is easily understood across Latin America and Spain mostly because it is clearly pronounced and is slang-ridden, which makes Bolivians capable of communicating clearly both in Spanish and English.




Located at the heart of South America, with  an Estern Estandard Time Zone (UTC-04:00) gives us another advantage and  compared to other outsourcing destinations,  what this means that in most cases we will allways (+ or -)  be on the same time zone of our clients.